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1200w 48v Saber X Brushless Kids Electric Quad Bike

1200w 48v Saber X Brushless Kids Electric Quad Bike

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NEW 2022 ELECTRIC RIDE ON SABER X 48v ATV Kids Electric Ride on Quad Bike – 1200w with Brushless motor

TOYZNGADGETZ Brings you one of the fastest ATV Quad bikes in its range with a upgraded Brushless motor which is not found on other ATV models in this range.

The 1200w quad bike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph with the added bonus of virtual silence. Parental control feature enables the quad to be restricted to 3 different speed modes The speed can be limited by three settings
1 = 7mph / 12kph
2 = 15mph / 25kph
3 = up to 25mph / 40kph (depending on weight of rider) making it suitable for wide range of abilities and strong enough to carry a wide range of ages. Twist throttle makes for easy use with younger hands.

With a brushless drive shaft motor it delivers instant power from 0-35kph in 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 25mph/40kph

One of the great features of this product is that it has various modes of power. A switch dictates a choice of 3 speeds, the slowest setting being 7 mph, the middle setting being 15 mph, and the fastest setting being 25 mph approx

What’s so good about a Brushless Motor in This Electric Ride on ATV?

The brushless drive shaft motor enables the quad bike to accelerate from 0-35kph in 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 25mph approx

Assembled shaft drive motor is less problematic than chain driven ones with no chains coming off or snapping issues, and as these are electric powered you don’t need to be a mechanic to get it going, simply charge the quad bike and your kids can ride.

What Special features does this Quad Bike have?

There is a battery indicator that shows the amount of power left.

12AH battery can operate between 45mins to 1 hour of constant ride time at full power 

Featuring a strong metal frame that is re-enforced on several points to ensure stability when riding

Front wishbones have double spring suspension and there is a single shock located on the rear near the seat for extra comfort

High quality extra-large Chunky tyres with coarse patterns can be used on all terrains from tarmac, gravel, grass, rock and muddy soil

Front & back disk brake system that ensures stable and functional braking in all terrain and weather.

Quad operation can be easily switched between forward and reverse via the right hand side handle bar control.

Throttle speed control and response is the exact same as a petrol engine counterpart

exact same as a petrol engine counterpart.

LED headlights and horn controlled via the left hand side handle bar control

SABER X 48V Electric Ride On ATV Specifications


MOTOR: 1200W 48V Upgrade

MAX SPEED: 20mph approx





UPGRADES INCLUDED: LED Headlights, 48V GOJUSIN Charger, 48V12AH Battery

Please note this is not to be confused or compared with less powerful and slower chain-driven models available in the market.

This item is not suitable for children under the age of 14 Years.

Suitable protective gear required for your child to use this product 

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