All our ride on products carry a 12 Months return to base warranty if the item develops a fault unless otherwise stated (see table below). With any damages or missing parts should be reported within 7 days of the customer receiving the item. No exceptions will be allowed and the management of TOYZNGADGETZ reserve the right to withdraw this warranty at any given time.

In the event of an item being faulty or damaged when delivered, TOYZNGADGETZ will aim to repair/replace the product by sending replacement parts out to the customers address or having the item exchanged via our couriers. If the item develop faults within 28 days of receiving, we will undertake the carriage costs incurred to get the item back to our warehouse for repair or replacement. After this period the customer will be liable to bring the car back to our warehouse for repair. There will also be customer's responsibility to package the item back to either in its original packaging or adequate packaging. We will aim to get the item repaired and back to you within 14 working days

Where an item is faulty we would advise customers to phone us directly so our technicians can guide them through some simple troubleshooting steps. If required our technicians will send parts out to you to replace under our guidance to help resolve any technical issues. Once a car is used we are under no obligation to provide a full refund if an item develops a fault and will only provide technical repair support service to help repair your item.

Please note: Due to the manufacturer and packing from factory there may be slight marks or minor dents on the car which are unavoidable part of the manufacturing process. This however does not affect the function of your product hence will not be covered under any warranty or returns.

Photos used are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may vary slightly from the product picture. Please read the product descriptions for specifications and Toyz an Gadgetz will not accept any returns on the basis the actual product is slightly different from the illustrative pics used on our website.

If a charger or battery develops a fault whilst your item is within the warranty period we may ask you to return the faulty charger/battery back to us before we replace it with a new. We shall test the original item to make sure no physical damage or incorrect use has occurred before any replacement is issued. 

If you change your mind on our products and an item is still brand new, unused, and boxed (unassembled), then this can be returned to us at the customers expense within 14 days of purchase for a full refund (ex initial shipping costs). Please contact us by email or phone for further information.

Ride On Car Warranty

Most warranty claims are resolved by sending parts out, however, some do require that you send your item back to us for repair. Please refer to our returns & refunds page for more details on the procedure we employ for returns and repairs. *It is important to stress that our warranty on its outset covers parts & labour, where we first attempt to resolve the fault by sending parts out and if unsuccessful we will then arrange a return for repair depending on the circumstances your location.

What is covered for 12 months - Our warranty kicks in 14 days after the date of purchase and generally covers manufacturing defects for 12 Months.

The warranty excludes parts which are classed as consumables as well as faults which are caused by misuse

The following exceptions apply to the 12 month warranty:

Battery - 1 month warranty (It is advised your ride on is charged after every use and if stored for more than a month then it is given a full charge every month even if not used to help maintain battery life) Wheels, motors, circuit board – 3 months (These parts class as wear and tear items hence are only covered for a maximum of 90 days) Physical/water damage, modifications and misuse is not covered

It is important to stress that our warranty terms do not cover misuse, incorrect assembly, deliberate damage or any other issue which is not classified as a manufacturing defect.

Example 1: Ride-On’s which have been stored in cold and damp environments lead to catastrophic electrical damage therefore the standard warranty terms do not apply.

Example 2: Ride-On’s which have been used over the specified weight limit cause irreversible damage to the motors as well as the speed controller/motherboards therefore the standard warranty terms do not apply.

Spas & Pools

What is covered for 12 months – Pumps, Manufacturing defects

The following exceptions apply to the 12 month warranty:

Lids, covers, liner – 6 month warrantyPhysical damage and wear tear or misuse is not covered under our warranty